Schupak 2019I am pleased to invite you to our next AO Convention in Toronto. When I was a second-year dental student at the University of Pennsylvania, I was chosen to be an alternate delegate from our Beta chapter to my first AO Convention in, you guessed it, Toronto. It was my first time in that fantastic city, and I invited two of my friends from college to join me since I wasn't sharing a room with the two guys who were delegates from my chapter. We met dental students from all over the USA and Canada who became lifelong friends. The hospitality the Toronto chapter showed us was outstanding, and we loved the hotel so much. Guess what? It's the same hotel, and it's been recently renovated.

As you know, we have changed the timing of our Convention to accommodate our members who would instead attend a summer meeting. Toronto in June sounds warmer than it is during the last week of December! I am looking forward to seeing you there and hope you can bring your family and significant others with you. The Toronto chapter has been planning and organizing many fantastic events and activities for us in their beautiful city. I want to thank the organizing committee sincerely, and we welcome any suggestions you may have.

Gail Schupak, DMD
International President